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North American Crude Oil Transloading Forum

The transportation of crude oil by rail is critical to the United States economy. Transloading, the process of loading and unloading a shipment from one mode of transportation to another, is an integral part of the transportation of crude oil by rail process. The focus of the North American Crude Oil Transloading conference is to provide industry professionals with the information necessary to understand what it takes for successful and safe transloading of crude oil.

Before being shipped, crude oil must be properly loaded into a tank car and the tank cars must be properly maintained. Session topics will include the new API standards, tank car operational limits and examinations prior to the release to the carrier, and the properties of crude oil as it relates to transloading. The conference topics will provide a forum to discuss new standards and regulations along with some of the issues facing the industry.

Attendees will:

– Assess the current growth drivers for U.S. biomass generation and industry growth opportunities
– Review biomass power-plant case studies
– Recognize co-firing and conversions strategies and associated issues
– Examine the ‘value proposition’ for biomass generation in the context of renewable energy credits and tax offsets

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