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Circulating Biomarkers 2015 Glasgow

In just the last year circulating biomarkers have gained traction as a cutting edge technology for drug development and medicine. Clinically-approved systems have become available for analyzing circulating DNA. Exosomes and circulating RNA are well into clinical development, commercial liquid biopsy products have been announced by prominent molecular diagnostic firms. These emerging technologies will dramatically lower the cost of accessing disease information and play a crucial role in bringing precision medicine to patients.

The conference will bring together biomarker experts to converse with attendees in an interactive format about cutting edge technologies for capture and analysis of biomarker molecules, contributions to our understanding of tumor biology from circulating tumor cells, and the state of the debate on CTCs versus cfDNA. The agenda for this year’s event will feature updates on cfDNA, miRNA and CTC’s as well as other kinds of biomarkers such as exosomes that show the promise of clinical utility.

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